This schedule is subject to change as we work our way through the course. We may wish to spend more time on some texts, and less on others.

It is your responsibility to be prepared for the week's readings. 



Subject of Discussion

January 8

Introduction/Syllabus Distribution


Theory Assessment

The Rise of Theory

Wilde, The Decay of Lying


New Criticism

Eliot, Tradition and the Individual Talent (318)

Wimsatt and Beardsley, The Intentional Fallacy (461)

  • Presentation:

Brooks, Irony as a Principle of Structure  (449)

  • Presentation: Liam
22 No class: IS Conference


Reader Response

Fish, How to Recognize a Poem When You See One (596)

  • Presentation: Katie 

Iser, The Reading Process (583)

  • Presentation: Dohyun

Summary due (Mon, Jan 27)

29-February 7

The Death of the Author

Signs and Symbols and Deconstruction

Barthes, The Death of the Author (517)

  • Presentation: Bronwyn

Derrida, Structure, Sign and Play (531)

Foucault, What is an Author? (520)

  • Presentation: Katrina

Marxist Criticism and New Historicism

Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (712)

  • Presentation: Megan

Jameson, The Political Unconsciousness (765)

  • Presentation:

White, The Historical Text as Literary Artifact (803) 

Brook, The Historical Necessity for New Historical Analysis  in Intro Lit Courses


Reading Week: no classes

24-March 2

Gender and Feminism

Gilbert, Infection in the Sentence (902)

  • Presentation: Vanessa

Butler, Imitation and Gender Insubordination (1030)

  • Presentation:

Kolodny, Dancing Through the Minefield (916)

  • Presentation: Emma

Wittig, One is Not Born a Woman (982) 

Summary due Wed, Feb 26


Psychoanalytic Criticism

Freud, The Dream Work (pdf) (800-810)

  • Presentation: Brianna

Lacan, The Mirror Stage (643)

  • Presentation: Julia

Brooks, Freud's Masterplot (656)

Essay draft due Mon, March 9


Post-Colonialism, Ethnicity, and Race

Said, Orientalism (1066)

Anderson, The Origins of National Consciousness (1080)

  • Presentation: Francesca (Mar 13)

Spivak, Three Women's Texts (1086)

Gates, Writing, Race, and the Difference it Makes (1132)



Lyotard, Defining the Postmodern

  • Presentation:

Jameson, Postmodernism_and_Consumer Society

Summary due Wed, March 25 (will accept to April 3) 

30 Happy Endings

Hutcheon, Postmodern

April 1

Hooks, Postmodern Blackness (2009)

  • What does postmodernism mean for the marginalized? 

Postmodernism and Faith



Buell, The Ecocritical Insurgency

Defining Ecocriticism (ASLE)

9 Research essay due
10-13 Good Friday and Easter Monday: no classes
15-17 Review
April 22

Final Exam: 1-3:30pm. Take-home exam to be uploaded to Turnitin.