On this page will be posted your various assignment topics. They will be available well in advance of the due dates (available on the schedule page). Simply click the appropriate link in the box below. Due dates are available on the Schedule page.



Seminar Presentation


Participation and Questions 10% 

Reading Summaries


Research Essay


Final Exam







All grades will be assigned using The King's University alpha scale below (A+ - F). Please make copies of your assignments before submission. Keep all assignments in electronic form (on file or on usb) until the semester is over and you have received your official final grade. 

Essays will be accepted for grading within TWO weeks of the due date. A hardcopy of your essay is due at the beginning of class on the due date. As per Department policy, essays submitted past the due date without medical certificate or a prior arrangement with me are deducted one alpha step per day, excluding weekends, to a maximum of five steps. If not submitted in person, late papers must be date-stamped at Reception. No faxed or e-mailed assignments will be accepted.

In addition to submitting a hardcopy of your essay, you will also upload a copy to Turnitin via our Moodle site. You may use this site multiple times before you submit your final copy. Your essay will not be graded until your essay has been uploaded. 




Academic dishonesty is a serious offence with potentially disastrous consequences, and I intend to hold you to the highest standards of integrity and honesty. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with University policies regarding scholarly ethics and academic integrity (see current King's calendar).

There is a zero tolerance policy and multiple incidents may affect your academic record. Stiff penalties apply for offenders:

•  First offense = automatic zero on the assignment.

•  Second offense = automatic failure of the course.

•  Subsequent offense = convening of Discipline Committee with power to recommend penalties up to and including expulsion from the University.

Please discuss with me any concerns you may have regarding your research or other matters. I will also address plagiarism and proper citation methods throughout the semester, and post information on our website.