Scene Comparison #1 (due Oct 13)

You will select a brief scene of your choice from one of the first two course films and compare it to the related literary text in a 500-600 word essay (2 pgs).

Using the premise of the mise-en-scène outlined in Villarejo and Benyahia as your starting point, compare what you believe to be the key components of your two scenes. This may include dialogue, setting, music and so on.  However, this is a short assignment, so it is preferable to examine one, two or possibly three ideas in detail rather than skimming numerous components of the scene. Your overall objective is to show how film and literature are both complementary and unique art forms. You may also discuss how the aspects of the scenes contribute to the key theme(s). 

This assignment is not an essay. It does not require formal, lengthy Introductions and Conclusions. I will be showing examples. 

Scene Comparison #2 (due Nov 10)

The same assignment as #1, but using any other of the texts in the course. 


Please remember to upload your scene analysis to the Turnitin Assignment via our Moodle class website under Essays and Assignments.